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Advisory Boards

INDEPENDENT drew on the expertise of two advisory boards, the Public Policy & Ethics Advisory Board (PPEAB) and a User Advisory Board (UAB). Whereas the UAB advised the project and provided input on user related aspects in particular, the PPEAB oversaw project delivery in dealing with aspects of exploitation and ethical issues. Both advisory boards provided continuous support throughout the project's life cycle.

Overview of PPEAB activities:

  • advise the project team in relation to ethical aspects that have to be taken into account when developing and piloting innovative solutions,
  • advise the project team in relation to national legislation and regulation that have to be considered when exploiting innovative solutions, including issues relating to reimbursement of costs,
  • complement their expertise to project analysis of issues on regulation, legal and standardization related aspects of relevant technologies,
  • help the project to develop marketable innovative and cost-effective solutions and to identify opportunities for exploitation,
  • support the project in identifying (national) exploitation barriers.

Overview of UAB activities:

  • provide strategic input and advice from the user perspective throughout the project's entire life cycle,
  • create an interface with organisations understanding all aspects of older European's requirements for services supporting independent living.