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Mission & Approach

Independent pursues a dedicated programme of service process innovation complemented by adaptation of technology. A digital support infrastructure and related services are set up and piloted by: 

    • using appropriate existing technology to provide as many older people as possible with digital access to the support services they need,
    • augmenting and opening sectoral care platforms to enable coordinated cross-sector support delivery,
    • adopting a clearly demand-driven, inclusive approach and avoiding all technology ‘push’.


    INDEPENDENT enables current support services to overcome limitations of sectoral telehealth and telecare service provision. It also empowers informal carers and the voluntary/third sector to participate in delivery of support more effectively. Wider deployment of INDEPENDENT services after the project is supported by a dedicated programme of socio-economic service evaluation. 

    The INDEPENDENT services are adapted to the specific circumstances prevailing at the individual pilot sites, e.g. differences of legal and regulatory frameworks and provision in health and care services. Apart from services that are directly delivered into older people's homes, so called organisation cooperation services at the "back-office" level are also addressed by the project.