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The project comprised the following work packages:

  •  Requirements and use case definition (WP1)
  •  Service definition (WP2)
  • Services specification (WP3)
  • System implementation and test (WP4)
  • Pilot site preparation (WP5)
  •  Pilot operation (WP6)
  • Evaluation (WP7)
  • Dissemination and exploitation (WP8)


Each pilot followed a step by step process which was divided into three phases, as shown below.

The first phase focused on analysing and documenting user and service provider requirements for all INDEPENDENT services, followed by generation of a set of appropriate use cases for each. The second phase focused on iterative service modelling and technical specification work, including prototype testing. Finally, a third phase moved on to onsite testing of all INDEPENDENT services, i.e after completion of pilot site preparation, delivery of pilot operation and the evaluation finalised project activity