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Get involved now! is online

The partners from the two European projects INDEPENDENT ( and CommonWell ( have set up an online forum to bring the topic of integrated eCare forward in Europe and internationally.


INDEPENDENT in Brussels again

Final consortium meeting took place


And they're off! - INDEPENDENT Newsletter No. 3

Pilots up and running and more in the third issue of the INDEPENDENT newsletter.

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Future care in the Netherlands

What can future care look like in the Netherlands? The Smart Home Foundation organized three stakeholder workshops in the Smartest House in the Netherlands to find answers to this question.

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INDEPENDENT presented at ASI 30th Anniversary Conference 2012

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland hosted their 30th Anniversary Conference on Oct 25th 2012.


Sharing of close-to-real-time information to support informed and timely decision-making – Status of the INDEPENDENT pilot in Ireland

The INDEPENDENT project is in full swing at the Irish pilot site.

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Mark Gretton and Ingo Meyer presented INDEPENDENT at the AAL Forum in Eindhoven.

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9th consortium meeting at Salud Responde in Malaga

On 17th and 18th September the partners of the INDEPENDENT consortium met in the beautiful city of Malaga, Spain.


Call for Chapters: Beyond Silos – The why and how of integrated eCare

As part of the "Beyond Silos" activies, INDEPENDENT partner empirica edits a book on the topic of integrated eCare. The book will take stock of what already exists in the area of integrated eCare, i.e. the joint provision of healthcare, social care and third sector services (services provided by charities, voluntary organizations etc.) enabled by ICT.

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Visit our session E9 “Telemonitoring & integrated care" at the AALForum2012 in Eindhoven

INDEPENDENT will give two presentations at the AAL Forum 2012 in Eindhoven.The Session E9 “Telemonitoring & integrated care" is scheduled for Wednesday 26 September 16:00 – 17:30.


INDEPENDENT contributes to “Skills for Care” Learning and Development Framework

The INDEPENDENT team in Hull has recently established contacts to the “Skills for Care” initiative in the United Kingdom.

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INDEPENDENT partner Salud Responde visited by a delegation of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Brazil

On 17 June 2012 Salud Responde welcomed a team of the Brazilian Ministry of Health at the premises of Salud Responde in Jaen.


Patients of two day care centres in Jaen looked behind the scenes

In March 2012 altogether 55 patients from two day care centres in Jaen visited the Salud Responde call centre in Jaen to see how the INDEPENDENT service works.


INDEPENDENT and CommonWell in Tunstall’s Summer Edition of „Telehealthcare Times”

Short articles on INDEPENDENT and CommonWell are published in the current issue of “Telehealthcare Times”. Articles present results from the CommonWell pilot in Milton Keynes and services currently piloted in Hull within the framework of INDEPENDENT.


Integrated care supports health and social wellbeing- First experiences from Hull

At the INDEPENDENT pilot site in Hull, Tunstall myclincs, specially enhanced for the INDEPENDENT project, have been placed in three Pickering & Ferens schemes in the city to support people who may have lessened mobility and dexterity (for example) but are otherwise generally well.


“COPD Game & Fun day” organised by TopSupport

On 13th April TopSupport organised the “COPD Game & Fun day” for lung patients and their partners.


Beyond Silos - INDEPENDENT at the ISG2012

Experiences from INDEPENDENT and CommonWell presented in Eindhoven

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Support of informal carers more needed than ever- Status of the Trikala pilot

Family carers respond very positively to the possibility to be able to get timely support from a psychologist thanks to the INDEPENDENT service.


INDEPENDENT presented to Eindhoven Corporation of Primary Health Care Centres (SGE)

The INDEPENDENT team in Geldrop recently presented INDEPENDENT and its pilot in Geldrop to management staff and care professionals of SGE, the Eindhoven Corporation of Primary Health Care Centres offering chain care.


8th consortium meeting focuses on cost-benefit analysis and pilot evaluation

INDEPENDENT partners this time met in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in order to take stock of the status in all ongoing project work packages and to plan the next couple of months ahead.


Successful pioneering: the CommonWell pilots

An article on eHealth News describes some of the outcomes of the very successful Milton Keynes pilot of INDEPENDENT's "sister project" CommonWell. See

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Trikala: Six seminars informed older people and their carers about INDEPENDENT

A total of six seminars were held in May 2012 at all KAPI centres in Trikala in order to inform citizens about the challenges and difficulties of taking care of a person with cognitive impairment or depression and present them the INDEPENDENT support services.


Second project review meeting successfully held in Brussels

In March 2012 the INDEPENDENT project successfully passed its second review meeting in Brussels.


Better and more efficient care through ICT-enabled integration – European conference Beyond Silos a big success

Integrated care for older people spanning across the silos that separate social and health care in many countries can be both more effective and more efficient than disjointed forms of support, in particular where integrated care processes are supported through ICT in a meaningful way. This was the common theme voiced by all participants in the recent conference “Beyond Silos - The Why and How of ICT in Integrated Care Service Provision”.

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INDEPENDENT in White Paper on Health and Social Care Coordination in Spain

INDEPENDENT and CommonWell are mentioned as examples of best practice in a White Paper of Health and Social Care Coordination in Spain