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06.06.2012 09:32 Age: 9 yrs

Trikala: Six seminars informed older people and their carers about INDEPENDENT

A total of six seminars were held in May 2012 at all KAPI centres in Trikala in order to inform citizens about the challenges and difficulties of taking care of a person with cognitive impairment or depression and present them the INDEPENDENT support services.

Although some of the KAPI professionals were a bit sceptical in the beginning the seminars turned out to be a great success. The seminars have mainly helped people to better understand the situation family carers are and participants were informed about the services that are currently piloted in INDEPENDENT. The seminars also focused on demonstrating the IP phones that are used to provide psychological support to family carers and train people in using them. The INDEPENDENT service is currently piloted at three of the six KAPIs in Trikala and people were informed that they could participate in the pilot and use the service even if they come from other KAPIs. The three “INDEPENDENT” KAPIs that have IP phones are located in three areas of the town that can be easily reached also for clients of the other KAPIs. First results from the pilot so far showed that the opportunity to communicate with a professional psychologist has a positive impact to the lives of carers.

Altogether 250 older people participated in the seminars. During the presentation they were very engaged and asked many questions. Most of them came afterwards for a face-to-face discussion with the INDEPENDENT team - the interest and the need for a private talk was so strong that the team stayed 2 hours to answer all questions.

In order to inform the target group about the date and time of the seminars the INDEPENDENT team in Trikala made relevant press releases at the local newspapers and placed posters in each KAPI centre.