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How does INDEPENDENT pursue its goals?

Against this background, the INDEPENDENT project has set out to develop and pilot an integrated set of ICT- enabled services to deal with a range of threats to independent living common among older people. By means of innovative usage of technology, current “silos” in service delivery are broken down to allow for cooperation across the usual boundaries of existing care and support services.

To this end, INDEPENDENT is pursuing a dedicated programme of service process innovation complemented by adapting existing technology, thereby following a number of guiding principles:

  • Use appropriate existing technology to provide as many older people as possible with digital access to the support services they need.
  • Enable older people to be reached appropriately by means of digital techniques by those who can support them.
  • Augment and open sectoral telecare and telehealth platforms to enable coordinated cross-sector support delivery.
  • Develop care coordination applications to run on informal care platforms.
  • Adopt a clearly demand-driven, inclusive approach and avoid all technology 'push'.



Based on these principles, an integrated set of support services combating a range of threats commonly faced by older people will be piloted at six sites across Europe, comprising Dublin (IE), Hull (UK), Milton Keynes (UK), Malaga (ES), Trikala (GR) and Geldrop (NL).