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empirica is a research and consulting firm based in Bonn, Germany, with a focus on innovation and research on new applications of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and their social and economic impact.


Tunstall is a world leader in telecare, specialising in technology to facilitate independent living for elderly and disabled people as well as teleHealth solutions for the care of people – both professional and informal ‐ with long term health conditions.


Philips is a global leader in healthcare, lifestyle and technology, delivering products, services and solutions through the brand promise of "sense and simplicity". Headquartered in the Netherlands, Philips employs approximately 121,700 employees in more than 60 countries worldwide.


The Fundación Andaluza de Servicios Sociales (FASS), on behalf of the Ministry for Equality and Welfare of the Regional Government of Andalusia focuses on providing care responses to social needs, often based on using new technologies as they apply to social services. 


The Public Company for Health Emergencies of Andalusia (EPES), was created in 1994 by the Council of Health of the Meeting of Andalusia and manages all health emergencies in Andalusia. 


TSB Tecnologías para la salud y el bienestar establishes and develops new technologies for personalised healthcare and well‐being, improving people's quality of life and using its technological and research abilities to create new business opportunities. 


Milton Keynes Council is a Unitary Authority in North Buckinghamshire with a population of 227,000. The Community Alarm Service provides community alarm and telecare services to 7,500 people. 


Connect>MK was formed in response to demands by residents and businesses of Milton Keynes to help establish improved broadband services. It is a private limited company wholly owned by Milton Keynes Council. 


adepteq is a leading independent technology business consulting company; strengths include a deep understanding of Business Process Optimisation, Knowledge Management, Assisted Pilots, Assisted Implementations and technology application and implementation. 


e‐Trikala SA is the municipal company that runs the ICT services of the Municipality of Trikala, including a TeleHealth center providing telemonitoring services to chronic patients and the elderly. 


KAPI is an organisation of the Municipality of Trikala that is responsible for the inclusion of the elderly in the society and their participation in various social activities. 


The main functions of DEKA consist of promoting the economic, cultural and social growth of the Municipality of Trikala and of the Prefecture through its active participation in the developmental process for the exploitation of European and local resources, the undertaking of productive initiatives, the production of qualitatively upgraded services and the increase of qualified manpower. 


VIDAVO is a health telematics company. It provides telematics products and services (mainly focusing on the healthcare sector), envisaging the elevation of the quality of life of all citizens and is particularly involved in standardisation/ strategy issues. 


The City of Hull is the mostly tightly bound Unitary Authority in the U.K. It includes only a city area (suburbs are part of the county of the East Riding of Yorkshire) with a population of ca. 235,000 residents with an ethnic population of 5%. 


A TeleHealth Service was inaugurated at the Institute of TeleHealth for patients with heart failure and other long‐term conditions in Kingston‐upon‐Hull (UK) in March 2007 by a collaborative effort including Primary Care Trusts, the Department of Cardiology and local business including pharmacies and supermarkets. 


Saint Anna Health Group consists out of two working fields: health care and nursing and care centres. Saint Anna hospital is a regional hospital with nearly all disciplines, 65 specialists and a capacity of 320 beds. 


Smart Homes, the National Knowledge Centre for Home Automation and Smart Living, has the aim of improving the quality of life for everyone, young or old, with or without limitations. 


WRC is an independent research and consultancy organisation specialising in policy and practice in the fields of supportive technologies for older people; health and social service innovation; housing for older people and family carers. 


The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is the leading dementia specific service provider in Ireland. It is a national voluntary organisation with an extensive national network of branches, regional offices and services that aims to provide people with all forms of dementia, their families and carers with the necessary support to maximise their quality of life. 


Established in 1994, Emergency Response Ltd is Ireland's largest dedicated social monitoring alarm centre providing telecare solutions that support independent living to 33,000 customers throughout Ireland, the majority of whom are older people.