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Evaluation Approach

The pilots will be evaluated to gain a better understanding of the new services’ added value, user benefits and acceptance, quality of life impacts and economic viability.

The approach involves a multi-perspective (end user, service provider staff and organisational perspectives) and multi-method approach. Triangulation is used to cross-reference data from different sources in order to maximise the reliability and robustness of conclusions drawn from evaluation. Two core themes are emphasised throughout the evaluation- integration and user outcomes. Cost-benefit is also included in the evaluation framework. Other themes are: staff impact, organisational impact, technology, implementation and overall satisfaction.

Based on this overall framework, the specifics of each site have been taken into account in operationally applying the overall framework in each case. The designs employed at each site have been developed to be as robust as possible, taking into account the constraints of the realities of the interventions and available resources. This includes ‘before and after’ comparisons and, where possible, use of control groups.